15 December 2020
16:00 (Moscow)

Verbleibende Zeit bis zur Veranstaltung

Hookah Battle Christmas Cup  2020 – an international competition of the official Hookah Battle League where on behalf of the leading hookah companies and restaurants, the best hookah gurus gather to compete for the right to be called the best hookah master!

The independent and authoritative jury, consisting of eminent bloggers and the first persons of large hookah companies around the world,  guests of the event  can try and evaluate the hookahs of each team of participants.

The competition will be held 15 December 2019 in Moscow, Russia, at JohnCalliano Christmas Sale.


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Jury der Veranstaltung

Jury Vorsitzender der Mehrheit verabschiedet Hookah Battle, Miteigentumer eines Netzwerks von Geschaften Kalyan.Spb, Leiter der großten Gruppe VKontakte "Lovers of Hookah" und "St.Petersburg Shisha Lounges Guide"